What action should Betty take in this situation

Betty, the chief nursing officer, had to make a decision about buying 120 new hospital beds for patient rooms. After she interviewed nurse managers at the units where the beds were going to be placed, Betty compiled her findings and decided to contact a well-known equipment company to obtain prices and contracts. The equipment company’s executive salesperson, Jim, discussed options at length with her and invited her and her significant other to an upcoming all-expenses-paid lavish retreat at a five-star hotel in Hawaii to see demonstrations of the beds and to hear a comprehensive sales pitch. Betty thought to herself, “We badly need some relaxation and stress relief. Hawaii would be so much fun. Would it be wrong for us to go?” In your paper, address all of the following prompts: What action should Betty take in this situation? Give your rationale. Justify your answer with an ethical framework—a theory, approach, or principle. What ethical principles are at stake? What breaches? Do you consider this situation a conflict of interest? Why or why not? Give your rationale. How would Betty handle this case if she believed she needed to seek advice from someone in a higher authority? With whom would she discuss this issue? What policies should be in place regarding a scenario such as this one?