Evaluate your lifestyle by using your personal wellness wheel

What is a learning plan?Evaluate your lifestyle by using your personal wellness wheel, the environmental scan and self- assessment. You will develop 2 learning goals related to changes you wish to make in your life to promote health and wellness. A 350-500 word description of your assessment and the rationale for choosing theses specific learning goals must be submitted with learning plan. Note, learning plan includes the wellness wheel, environmental scan, self-assessment, the learning plan and your summary. A learning plan is a formal action plan to achieve a particular goal. A good learning plan is a well-articulated document with the following components.

  • A set of reasonable learning goals that the individual hopes to achieve within a specific period of time.
  • It is often useful to divide larger goals in to more manageable sub-goals that can be realized within weeks or months.
  • Each learning goal (or sub goal) should have a series of concrete steps or actions that the person will take to move towards the goal.
  • Actions should be actual behaviors. Use an action verbs (explore, examine, utilize, demonstrate, apply, analyze, define describe, interpret, prove, illustrate, distinguish, propose, devise, construct, defend, compare.)
  • Each action should be associated with one or more resources and with evidence.
  • Resources are anything that can be used to realize the actions to be taken towards the learning goals, such as a mentor or coach, books, courses, travel and the Internet, Note: once a resource has been applied to a goal it is often helpful to rate the effectiveness of the resource.
  • Evidence is used to demonstrate that an action has been taken, that progress towards the goal has been made, and finally that the goal has been achieved.

Example Learning GoalTo organize a weekend hiking group to explore various trails on the Bruce Trail

Learning Plan


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Student Name: _____________________________ Date: __________________________




(1) Environmental Scan:

Identify issues related to your health and wellness (What is in your environment that may help or hinder your? )




· Eg: family history of obesity























· Eg. Works at computer












· Eg. Lives in the country


(2) Self-Assessment

Identify your lifestyle behaviours, your current knowledge and skills, and strengths and limitations that will assist or hinder you in achieving your goal


Healthy Lifestyle Behaviours




























Knowledge and Skills









Strengths and Limitations





(3) Learning Plan






Resources/Strategies Project Development Target Date Criteria for Self-Evaluation

(May be qualitative or quantitative)





I will organize weekend hiking group to explore the Bruce Trails.








(Be specific)


Experts (name and designation)

Journals (name)

Seminars, Conferences (title and date)

Committees (what)





(Be specific)


Visit (when, where, who, etc.)


Interview (who, when, etc.)



The plan for your lifestyle change needs to include

1. Identify the literature, sources, you will need to review to acquire the knowledge needed to complete learning goal


1. Identify the process you intend to follow when applying the knowledge you have acquired. That is, how you intend to use your new knowledge to guide you to complete your learning plan and attain your goal






date that.

needs to be realistic and achievable


September 15, 201