Antibiotic resistance

Research Report Topics: Please choose from the following

Antibiotic resistance:

We tend to assume that all bacteria are alike. In fact, however, the genetic variation between a number of independent isolates of a bacterium like E. coli can be enormous. These variations give bacteria a unique advantage in their environment, often giving them resistance to chemicals and allowing them to persist and evolve further.

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In this paper, include the following:

Choose a bacterium

History of the Biology of bacterium

Discuss its evolution

Address the genetic change

Address the Mechanism of resistance and any other drugs developed to combat the resistance


Many types of microorganism have been developed for use as Bioterrorism weapons. In this paper, include the following:

History of the Biology of the organism,

History of use of agent chosen

Pathogenesis of agents of concern- anthrax, smallpox, etc.

Lethality of agent (Any modifications done to make it more lethal?)

Preparedness response- vaccines, antibiotic stockpiling, drills around the world as well as in the US

Pathogens and links to chronic disease

Some bacteria have permanent effects on humans. In this paper, choose from one of the following organisms and include a history of the Biology of the organism, pathogenesis of infection, any genetics involved, and describe the disease and effects it causes.

Helicobacter pylori and ulcers

Chlamydia pneumoniae and heart disease

Chlamydia and infertility

Crohn’s disease


Not all bacteria are pathogenic. In fact, most are used to produce essential products for human use. In this paper, chose a bacterium, describe its biology, and address the following;

Novel pharmaceutical products from this bacteria such as Gene therapy use, environmental applications, other use in Pharma or manufacturing industry.

Paper should be double spaced and CLEARLY divided into the following sections

1.Section: Introduction- -give a 1-2 paragraph summary of type of bacteria chosen and its Biology

Introduce your topic

2. Section: Body Paragraphs-address the details of your topic; for example, if you choose to write about Bioterrorism you would include the use of the bacteria in bioweapons (has it been used, has it been developed etc.), pathogenesis of it (how does it kill), does it need to be modified, how is it treated, vaccines etc.

3.Section:Conclusion: 1-2 paragraphs Take this opportunity to highlight the most important points of your topic and summarize. You can give your personal opinion here about your topic, but the rest of the sections should be dedicated to facts researched from sources and journal articles.

4. Section: Bibliography:

Include no more than 2 websites and minimum 3 primary sources (Journal articles). 1-2 textbooks. MLA format for all citations


Select a topic early and research it. Use google scholar to find free online resources. If you are confused during any part, ASK!!!

Ensure you cite all relevant information. I suggest you look at journal articles and see how they cite references to get an idea of how to cite science facts in a paper.

Be specific in your searches, general topics will confuse you.

Suggested web resources:

ScienceDaily – Microbiology News

Fully/Mostly Open Access Microbiology-Focused  Journals