Interview Transcript

The purpose of this assignment is to practice interpreting qualitative interview transcripts by recognizing patterns. This is called coding and it is an important skillset for public health professionals.

For this assignment, code the “Interview Transcript” document. Use the “Coding Qualitative Data Worksheet” to document your results from the “Interview Transcript” and to provide a summary of your findings.

APA style is not required, but solid academic writing is expected.

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This assignment uses a rubric. Please review the rubric prior to beginning the assignment to become familiar with the expectations for successful completion.

You are not required to submit this assignment to LopesWrite.

*** Please provide 3 to 5 references***

Interview Transcript


The transcript records responses from five people who were asked the question “How satisfied are you with your health?” Their responses are documented below. Review the responses and notate five patterns that emerge within the data. This can be done through highlighting or underlining. Once you have identified the patterns, complete the “Coding Qualitative Data Worksheet.”

Participant 1:

I feel as if I am very healthy and I know that I have a firm background on what being healthy means because of my interest in nutrition and exercise. I always try to eat better and make the right choices and exercise on a regular basis. I really think that those two components contribute highly to health. But, health also means emotionally, mentally, and even spiritually. I feel like my spiritual life really contributes to the rest of my health because I take care of my body because God tells us to in the Bible and everything else falls into place.

Participant 2:

I am in good shape. I play sports all the time and am physically fit to compete at high levels. I don’t smoke or drink. I have a swimmer’s build. I try to eat as healthy as possible. But the negatives are that I would like to build more muscle. I am kind of twirpy and would like to be bigger.

Participant 3:

I think I’m pretty okay. Just some minor aches in some areas, but I think I can live. I never had major surgery, or even any problem, with my health. I’m also very paranoid, in that way. If I see someone in bad shape, I worry. What if? That is the question. What if it’s me? I think that’s all I’m really concerned with is my health. Another thing is smoking and drinking. I don’t do either of them. So I get really mad when people do it in front of me, because of secondhand smoke. I don’t want to die of cancer, because of some stupid person who wants to kill me too due to their cigarettes. Most of the time, I think I forget that I could. So I really don’t make them stop. But I when I see people on TV and movies dying of lung cancer, I really get upset. Another thing I feel bad about is my own health, in keeping a good shape. I get mad at people on TV with great bodies, and I get mad because I know I can do it too. I mean good body meaning healthy and muscular. I’m not talking about bodybuilders or even supermodels. I mean people who keep themselves in shape. I realize, this when I’m walking or running and I can’t keep up, like I used to. I became very lazy.

Participant 4:

I’ve gained too much weight over the last several years and I don’t seem to be doing anything to get rid of it. I have high cholesterol levels, but I don’t attempt to change my eating habits. I’d like to jolt myself into becoming more physically active, so I can lose the weight and feel more energetic. I keep saying I’m going to do something about it, soon.

Participant 5:

I am relatively happy with my current health. I feel that I have a decent looking physique but of course I would like it enhanced. I see all these guys in underwear ads and in clubs with these pumped up bodies and all I can think is “Damn, I wish I looked like that!” If anything, to make both myself and my girlfriend happier. But improving my health is something I know I can achieve. It is very easy to eat better and to work out more. You just have to do it and that’s the hardest part of it all.

Coding Qualitative Data Worksheet

Part 1

Refer to the patterns, or codes, you identified on the “Interview Transcript.” In the table below, list five the codes found in the data. For each code, write a 50-100 word summary to describe what the code represents.

Code Number Code Name Summary Describing Code
Example Exercise Five participants mentioned exercise as an important component of their health. Participants discussed the importance of exercise, willingness to exercise more, and barriers to exercise. As an example, one participant stated “Exercise is extremely important to me. I’ve worked hard to establish exercising as a part of my daily routine. I go on walks every evening with my family.”


Part 2

In a 150-200 words, summarize the overall findings.