Staff Nurse Question Paper Download

Staff Nurse Question Paper Download

1. An example of a secondary group is:
(A) City
(B) Family
(C) Playmates
(D) Classmates

2. Rubin’s test is:
(B) Cervical biopsy
(C) Dilatation and Insufflation
(D) Dilatation and Curettage

3. Which of the following is the second cranial nerve?
(A) Olfactory
(B) Abducens
(C) Hypoglossal
(D) Optic

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4. Cheiloplasty is the surgical repair clone in:
(A) Spina bifida
(B) Oesophageal atresia
(C) Cleft lip
(D) Imperforate anus

5. Early indicator of hypoxia in an unconscious client is:
(A) Cyanosis
(B) Restlessness
(C) Increased respirations
(D) Hypertension

6. World Anti Cancer Day is observed on:
(A) February 14
(B) December 1
(C) March 24
(D) September 29

7. “Pulse rate is usually slow when compared to rise in temperature”. Which of the following diseases docs this statement applies to?
(A) Influenza
(B) Dengue fever
(C) Meningitis
(D) Typhoid

8. Which of the following maternal infections is the cause of congenital cataract?
(A) Syphilis
(B) Toxoplasmosis
(D) Gonorrhoea

9. The following is a useful tool in assessing nutritional status of children:
(A) Mid arm circumference
(B) Measurement of weight
(C) Skin fold thickness
(D) All the above

10. Pentavalant vaccine gives protection against which of the following diseases?
(A) Hepatitis B
(B) Measles
(C) Rubella
(D) Chickenpox