With the advancement of tablet technology in the health care environment

1) With the advancement of tablet technology in the health care environment, several medical apps have been developed for use in the medical field. Utilizing different research methods, identify four applications that can be used in the health care field. For each application write a short review identified in your research explaining the function of the application, the cost of the app, and how the app can or will be used in the medical community.

2) In the field of Electronic Medical Records, the use of an EMR is being used more and more by all types of health care providers. To ensure a
medical office is prepared to capture patient data and submit claims to insurance providers your office will need a “certified” EMR program.
Utilizing several research methods, identify the term “certified” EMR. After collecting your data write a review explaining what it means to
have an EMR system “certified” and how the outcome will impact the medical office.

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