I need help on my HIPAA research project

I need help on my HIPAA research project I haven’t written a paper in like 20 years. If someone could give me their opinion of what I have so far. The project involves a series of questions, in which I’m suppose to answer each question in a complete paragraph or two. Include an introductory sentence, a paragraph of explanation, and a concluding sentence. These are the questions: 1)Does HIPAA affect the patient’s access to his or her medical records? If so, describe the effect and the procedure for obtaining access. 2)Under what circumstances can personal health information be usedfor purposes unrelated to health care? 3)Are there requirements for covered entities to have written privacy policies? If so, what has to be addressed in the policy? 4)How will employees in the medical office have to be trained regarding privacy(for example, who is responsible for training and record keeping)? What is required if an employee doesn’t follow the privacy policy? When must employees be trained? In what manner?
I didn’t finish my paper but I want to get somebodies opinion of how it sounds so far. Thank you.
The Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act of 1996 has established a set of national standards that protects and allows patients to have more control over their personal health information. Therfore, the HIPAA does affect the patient accessing his or her owm medical records. The HIPAA allows a patient to either view or get a copy of their medical records and also address any corrections that need to be made. In order to do this you must first request the corrections that need to be made or a copy of your medical records by asking your doctor or by putting the request in writting which is highly recommended. This way tou have a record of your request and any important information such as when you filed the request. Usually you will receive your copy within 30 days of making the request. If not you must be given a reason why you havn’t received it. When requesting a copy of your medical records you usually will be charged a reasonable fee. This fee covers the staff time for copying the medical records and also for mailing them if they are sent to you. Therefore because of the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act we as the patient have access and more control over our person health information.
The HIPAA ensures that your personal health information is confidential and can’t be used or disclosed unless their is proper authorization. However, there are certain circumstances that allows your personal health information to be used or disclosed that is unrelated to health care. These circumstances are: 1)requireed by law 2)public health activities 3)victims of abuse, neglect, or domestic violence 4)health oversight activities 5)judicial and administrative proceedings 6)law enforcement purposes 7)decendants 8)cadaveric organ, eye, or tissue donation 9)research 10)serious threat to health or safety 11)essential government functions 12)workers’ compensation 13)risk of death or harm to oneself. These are the only circumstances that allows your personal health information to be obtained without your authorization.