Write your wishes about how you want your death from your cultural perspective acknowledged

This week, our discussion will be a little different.

Write your wishes about how you want your death from your cultural perspective acknowledged. Funeral, memorial service, celebration, music, eulogy, where – outside beautiful setting, or cremation with a small service in the home at a later time, or other arrangement. What would be the most meaningful to you now as you foresee this event? Enter your arrangements for your final rite of passage and consider making copies and give to your family.

Make this assignment real: who would participate; what favorite music would you want; the eulogy, family members or friends who would give farewell comments, pallbearers: if you are to be viewed, how would you want that; if cremated, what about disposition of the remains; any written words from you that you would want read? What would you want emphasized about your life – this is especially important and is more personal and informal than the obituary.

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Write your response as a smooth flowing essay with details. You have likely thought about this, so now put this last part of your final affairs in order.

Background: How you feel about planning your final rite. Who will be responsible for carrying out/managing the details.

The Body: Viewing, Cremation

Location and Service: Wake/Viewing, Funeral Service, Memorial Service, where interred or other

The Event: Eulogies, Music, etc.

Post Service Gathering: Invitees, Reception, Location

For those of you who choose to have no final event or if your cultural/religious beliefs prohibit writing them down, then respond accordingly and give reasons for your choice; rationale/logic, any family issues or personal issues (that you are comfortable to share). Then reflect and comment on how others, family, or those in intimate relationships, might be affected if there is no final arrangement for closure. You may give your views on any final service you have previously attended, positive or otherwise, and how that may have influenced your decision. Write your obituary and include it in your discussion post.

This topic of 2 pages is required.

Remember to check back throughout the week and provide thoughtful, substantive responses to at least 2 classmates in order to earn full credit.

An excellent response will be at least 3-4 paragraphs in length, using complete sentences and concise language.