Non-emergent ER visits

Workplace violence

Topic: Non-emergent ER visits

Introduction and description of the problem:

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Research the issue and compile background information that can be used to describe the problem. You will use this section of the paper to introduce the problem or topic you plan to discuss, providing background information, and explain why this topic is important and relevant and why it needs to be addressed. This section of the paper should be 2-3 pages in length, double spaced.


Literature review and summary:


As you conduct your research and literature search in regard to your subject, you should come across articles and studies that further describe the issue, explain reasons for it, what other have experienced and why, what others have done to address this and whether it was helpful or not, ect. You will later use some of this information to help you identify possible solutions and plans for implementation.


For this section of the paper, you will write up a summary of the literature and research you have found that is most relevant to your topic. You should work to synthesize this material and show its relevance to your topic. You can see in the sample paper provided, it helped explain the topics issues associated with it, reasons behind it, its implications and ways to address the issue. This section should be 3-4 pages.


Guidelines for sources used:

There should be a minimum of 10 sources referenced in your final paper, including a minimum of 5 peer reviewed studies or journal articles

These sources can include textbooks used during your time in the program and other reliable and credible references that can be validated and verified. These should be valid, credible, academic-quality sources.

Do not cite or use Wikipedia, online magazine articles that are unsupported or opinion pieces.

Seek to insure that your literature is from primary sources. For example, if you are citing a a source cited within a textbook or journal article, you should look for the original or primary source and cite this.

All sources should be properly formatted using APA formatting guidelines.