What does the APTA do

Go to www.apta.org, please answer the following questions.

Questions 1-4: (max 2 points each)

  1. In your own words, what does the APTA do? _______ ___________________________________________________________________
  2. In your own words, summarize the APTA’s Vision Statement. ______
  3. Under the “Current Students” section, what do you find most interesting or useful and why? ______________________________________________________ _________________________
  4. Under the “Practice & Patient Care- Practice Administration” section, read about Peer Review. In your own words, describe what Peer Review is.
    1. How does the peer review process maintain quality within the operation of a physical therapy practice or department?


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  1. What are the Values-based Behaviors for PTAs? Give an example for each behavior. (max 16 points)