A gravid woman is carrying monochorionic twins

a) A gravid woman is carrying monochorionic twins. For which of the following complications should this pregnancy be monitored?


i.            Oligohydramnios.

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ii.            Placenta previa.

iii.            Cephalopelvic disproportion.

iv.            Twin-to-twin transfusion.

b).On ultrasound, it is noted that the pregnancy of a hospitalized woman who is carrying monochorionic twins is complicated by twin-to-twin transfusion. The nurse should carefully monitor this client for which of the following?

i.            Rapid fundal growth.

ii.            Vaginal bleeding.

iii.            Projectile vomiting.

iv.            Congestive heart failure.

c) Which of the following nonpharmacological interventions recommended by nurse midwives may help a client at full term to go into labor? Select all that apply.


1.       Engage in sexual intercourse.

2.       Ingest evening primrose oil.

3.       Perform yoga exercises.

4.       Eat raw spinach.

5.       Massage the breast and nipples.