A patient is diagnosed with inoperable cancer

 Answer Each Part thoroughly with at least 400 words .

Part A

A patient is diagnosed with inoperable cancer and recommended to receive treatment of a drug that reduces the rate of cell division.

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A. Why could reducing the rate of cell division be helpful in treating cancer?

B. How might this drug affect the patient’s white blood cell count?

C. How might the patient’s environment be altered to compensate for these changes in WBC counts?

Part B

For the Week 2 Critical Thinking Exercise, you will answer the following questions using your critical thinking and reasoning skills:

1. An 85-year-old white woman is hit by a car while crossing the street and suffers many serious injuries. She is suspected to be homeless, and the only belongings she has are empty liquor bottles. At the hospital, it is discovered that she is severely anemic. List all the factors you can think of that may contribute to her anemia.

2. In ventricular systole, the right ventricle is the first to expel blood, but the left ventricle is the first to begin contracting. Aside from the obvious fact that the pulmonary valve opens before the aortic valve, how can you explain this difference?

3. Explain how coagulation differs from agglutination.