applying the concepts of Erikson to your own life

You will write a short essay (1000–1500 words) applying the concepts of Erikson to your own life.

You may use either the course materials related to Erickson or refer to the summary review the summary here: Erikson’s Psychosocial Stages of Development.

You will select three (3) of the stages and apply them to your own life or to the life of someone you know very well (a parent, sibling, grandparent, child). Post your minipaper in the appropriate Assignment folder by both pasting into the window and attaching as an appropriately-named file (e.g. SmithMiniPaper2018.doc).

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Optional Stretch: After you have written the portion of your paper covering Erikson’s theory on development, select another theoretical orientation (e.g. Behavioral, Trait, Humanistic, or another psychodynamically-oriented theorist such as Jung). How would this alternate orientation explain the same phenomenon observed and explained from the Eriksonian perspective? Make sure to consider similarities and differences. Explain which theory you find to be a better fit and support your position. This type of comparison is very typical of an essay question in advanced undergraduate/beginning graduate programs. This section is not required for this course, but is recommended if you are seriously thinking about continuing your education in psychology.

Your core paper should be  approximately 4-5 pages in length (minimum of 1000 words). Make sure to proofread for sentence structure, grammar errors and typos–but it can be fairly informal in that it can be written in either the first person or third person, you do not need to use in-text citations or references. My goal is for you to review this material and really try to apply it to your own life (or to the life of someone about whom you have insights into their development). Most students really enjoy engaging in Erikson’s theories–and his idea that our personalities are not a “done deal” by the time we are 5 years old is encouraging!

The rubric is the same as that for the Applied Final Project, although the style can be less formal and you certainly can write in the first person (“I” or “We”) rather than writing only in the third person as is typically required in formal, scholarly papers.