Asking for revising and editing my essay.

MLA format

No copying (No plaigirism)

Double spaced

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Need to stick to the prompt.

– I need help revising and editing my essay.

– I also need help to write few more paragraphs because I anwered half of the prompt question.


the prompt is “After reading Gladwell’s Outliers and other research about success, decide what success means to you. Write an essay in which you explore success past, present, and future using examples from Outliers and   your outside research.”

I answered half of the question in my paper, I just need help to write about how did i achieve success in the past, and how I will use the old success to achieve success in the present, and how i will use the success in the present to achieve sucess in the future.


So, I study eletrical engineering. when you write a paragaraph about success “past, present, and future” need you to mention that i am eletrical engineering…you know your job 😛


Important note: when you are going to write success in the past, present, future…you must write each one of them in a seperate paragraph

Note: I can negotiate the price as long as I find a good offer.