buisness fundamental research paper


Communication and motivation are important skills for managers to use to direct the activities of their employees. These tools are used to help connect employees’ efforts to company strategies. In the lesson for this week, you viewed a case study video on Snapple. Research at least one other company. Reference both Snapple and the other company in your assignment. Write at least a three-page paper using APA style that answers each question below:

  • What methods are used by managers to keep everyone in the loop?
  • In the evolution of many current organizations, what management ideas could be used to help organizations be more successful?
  • How can these management ideas most effectively and efficiently be implemented?
  • Could these ideas/methods be utilized in a variety of organizations, or would factors like industry or geographic location influence the effectiveness of these ideas? Why or why not?

Submission Requirements: This assessment is due by Sunday, Week 4, at 11:59 p.m. EST. Please submit the completed assessment as a Word document, using correct APA format for any citations.

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Evaluation Criteria: Click here to view the grading rubric for this assessment. For APA Style help, consult your APA Style Manual or go to the ITT Tech Virtual Library and follow this path: ITT Tech Virtual Library> Research help> Research Guides> Grammar, Writing and Style> APA Formatting and Style Guide.