Cecilia was 44 years old when her periods started to become erratic

 Case Study

Cecilia was 44 years old when her periods started to become erratic. Usually, they had been reliable “like clockwork,” but now they started to last for
2 weeks at a time, and come every 6 to 8 weeks. These symptoms were often accompanied by splitting headaches. Cecilia also started to feel distressingly hot for hours on end. At work and at home, it was impossible to concentrate. Normally one to sleep under a down comforter, Cecilia kicked off all her sheets and rolled from side to side at night, unable to sleep. After enduring these symptoms for several months, Cecilia made an appointment with her gynecologist.

(Cecilia’s story has been drawn from the experiences of multiple women; her name and other identifying information have been changed to preserve anonymity.)

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Questions to answer:

1. Given Cecilia’s background and experiences, what is a likely explanation for her symptoms?

2. What are some helpful questions Cecilia can ask her gynecologist about these symptoms? Why would it be hard for her gynecologist to give her a definitive answer on the subject?

3. In addition to hormone therapy, what are some other ways that Cecilia can cope with her symptoms?

Please provide at least 2 additional resources, other than the book, to support your answers and to provide an in-depth response. Do not write a Q&A or bulleted response, write a narrative-style paper, 2- 3 pages in length, double-spaced, following APA 7th edition format, not including a references page.