Covid-19 cellular and biochemical effects to respiratory function

Covid-19 cellular and biochemical effects to respiratory function.


You briefly mentioned the Covid vaccine and also antivirals but have not explained how these work. To resubmit discuss one or more of these preventative measures or treatments and explain how they prevent or reduce the symptoms of Covid 19.

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· Covid-19 virus gain entry to the body through ACE2 receptor, that present different types of cell and tissues including lungs, heart and blood vessel..


ACE2 receptors are not cells






· High supply of TMPRSS2, chemically splits off the top of the coronavirus spike to allow the RNA to enter into the nasal cells.

Too close to the original source (source is referenced)







· This hyper cytokinemia seriously impacts the body by increasing the risk of vascular hyper permeability along with severe inflammation



Too close to the original source and the source is not referenced.





Respiratory system


Respiratory System - Definition, Function and Parts | Biology Dictionary

Diagram is not in the academic format as it does not have a figure number, title and reference. Also this is a level 2 (GCSE) diagram and does not reach the detail required for level 3.