Deficiency of Vitamin B12 causes

1. Under vitamin A prophylaxis programme children between 1 to 6 years are given
(A) 3 lakh IU of Vit A
(B) 2 lakh IU of Vit A
(C) 2.5 lakh IU of Vit A
(D) 1.5 lakh IU of Vit A

2. The safe and effective drug against filarial infection is:
(A) Diethylcarbamazine
(B) Rifampicin
(C) Ofloxacin
(D) Tetracyclin

3. Severe bleeding during the third stage of labour:
(A) Placenta praevia
(B) Puerperal haemorrhage
(C) Postpartum haemorrhage
(D) Placental abruption

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4. Incubatibn period of Mumps is:
(A) 4 Weeks
(B) 1 Week
(C) 4 – 5 Weeks
(D) 2 – 3 Weeks

5. Deficiency of Vitamin B12 causes:
(A) Pernicious anaemia
(B) Osteomalacia
(C) Xerophthalmin
(D) Kwashiorkor

6. Which among the following disease is not due to Aedes mosquitoes?
(A) Rift valley fever
(B) Malaria
(C) Dengue fever
(D) Chikungunya fever

7. Calcium requirement during pregnancy and lactation is:
(A) 0.5 gm
(B) 3.0 gm
(C) 2.0 gm
(D) 1.0 gm

8. World AIDS day is celebrated every your on:
(A) July 11th
(B) April 7th
(C) December 1st
(D) June 5th

9. First course of oral contraceptives should be started in which day of menstruation?
(A) 5th day
(B) 3rd day
(C) 7th day
(D) 9th day

10. HINI Infection spreads through:
(A) Contaminated water
(B) Droplet nuclei
(C) Contaminated fruits and vegetables
(D) Infected vector mosquitoes