Design Of Randomised Controlled Trials

Design Of Randomised Controlled Trials



Assignment (1000 words)

Your task is to write a brief proposal for an RCT for an intervention of your choice. This should be for a non-pharmacological intervention, instead focusing on a psychological or psychosocial intervention. This proposal should be written as if submitting to an imaginary grant funding body. Your aim is to convince the funding body that the RCT you propose is valuable, rigorous and robust and thus should be funded.

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Your proposal should not exceed 1000 words and should comprise the following sections:

  • Background – briefly describe the key research question, making reference to relevant background literature and why your proposed RCT is valuable and robust.
  • Hypotheses – outline one or two key hypotheses
  • Methods – describe the RCT– make sure to include:
    • Design (number of groups / conditions)
    • Sample (size and details)
    • The primary outcome and additional measures/data
  • Discussion – What are the broader implications of the predicted outcomes of the RCT? What additional or future studies might logically follow? Are there are any key limitations of the current study?