ESIC Nursing Previous Year Question Paper Pdf

ESIC Nursing Previous Year Question Paper Pdf

1. Pollen grains in the angiosperm represent:
(A) Male gamete
(B) Microsporophyll
(C) Microsporangium
(D) Male gametophybe

2. Which of the following hormones owes its discovery to tissue culture technique?
(A) Auxin
(B) Cytokinins
(C) Abscisic acid
(D) Gibberellin

3. International Rice Research Institute is at:
(A) Manila
(B) New Delhi
(C) Tokyo
(D) New York

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4. Biopesticides are produced by:
(A) Pseudomonas Sp.
(B) Bacillus anthracis
(C) Bacillus
(D) Agrobacterium tumefaciens

5. Which one of the following gymnosperm is said to have double fertilizations?
(A) Ephedra
(B) Pinus
(C) Ginko
(D) Cycas

6. A phylum with pseudocoelom:
(A) Platyhelminthes
(B) Annelida
(C) Aschelminthes
(D) Arthropods

7. The British ecologist who tested the hypothesis of ‘Industrial melanism’?
(A) Alexander von Humboldt
(B) Barnard Kettlewell
(C) Hugo do Vries
(D) Charles Darwin

8. The lobe of the brain that can decode and interpret visual information:
(A) Frontal
(B) Parietal
(C) Temporal
(D) Occipital

9. After ovulation corpus luteum formed in the ovary releases:
(A) Progesterone
(B) Estrogen
(C) Testosterone
(D) Aldosterone

10. Opioids are obtained from:
(A) Claviceps purpurea
(B) Erythroxylum coca
(C) Cannabis saliva
(D) Papaver somniferum