Explore the importance of effective communication in the medical office

Communication Skills

Consider that you have obtained employment as a medical assistant in a medium-sized medical office. In your daily work, you encounter a variety of people in the workplace such as patients, other medical professionals, vendors, and public service workers such as US postal personnel. Encounters with those individuals can be both pleasant and unpleasant. Allowing personal feelings to be brought into the health care setting can impede communication and impact patient safety. This is such an important issue the Joint Commission, the accrediting body for many different types of health care settings has made effective communication a National Patient Safety Goal:

Goal #2: Improve the effectiveness of communication among caregivers.

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Explore the importance of effective communication in the medical office.

Include the following aspects in the discussion:

  • Demonstrate how customer-service is important as a receptionist, in the office and on the telephone.
  • Provide at least one medical office scenario where you see yourself applying interpersonal communication skills to help facilitate patient care.
  • Discuss some consequences of ineffective interpersonal communication.