Fundamentals Of Medical Order

Fundamentals Of Medical Order



All health care professionals have a scope of practice that they must operate within. A scope of practice can be defined as “the parameters of duties and responsibilities outlined by one’s professional training and skill set” – (V. Thompson, 2014).
As professionals, it is imperative that we know the boundaries of our scope of practice and that we stay within those boundaries. Having these limits in place not only protects our clients but gives them confidence that the person looking after them is qualified to do so. One way that we can accomplish this is through proper medical documentation as this helps establish and maintain professional responsibility and accountability. As discussed in Module 2 the health record and any documentation within that record is a legal document that can be used in the court of law; for this reason there is no margin for error.

Address The Following In Your Essay:

Using the information in the case study provide 5 examples of unprofessional conduct in relation to documentation committed by the nurse.
List 5 professionals/departments who could be impacted by these acts of unprofessional conduct.