Healthcare Security – What Your Practice Needs to Know

Right now, you are starting out and learning about HIM. With luck and perseverance, one day you will be running the show. Put yourself in a leadership HIM position for this assignment.

Review and read this article: Healthcare Security – What Your Practice Needs to Know

Focus on section 3:

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Establish security rules. Humans are the weakest link in the security chain. A single user can compromise an entire organization by simply opening a spam email.

·  Inform your staff about ransomware attack possibilities and the importance of healthcare security.

·  Create rules to remind employees that they should never open attachments they are not expecting

·  Implore them to double-check email addresses before opening.

·  Discourage users from downloading software from unknown sites

·  Educate them about ransomware scare tactics, such as fake pages that claim the FBI has locked a device due to suspicion of downloading illicit files.

Customize staff reminders on EHR security best practices.

Include the following aspects in the assignment:

Ø  Compose a 3-5-minute speech in which you cover the 5 points above

Ø  Your speech should include the consequences to the organization of not following these practices

Ø  Your speech should include the consequences to the employee of not following these practices

Ø  Tape your speech to send to all staff using Vocaroo (or another audio file tool)

Ø  Submit the link to your speech to the drop box

Ø  Cite any references used. As always, proper grammar, sentence structure, and spelling is required