Homeopathy Medical Officer Model Question Papers

Homeopathy Medical Officer Model Question Papers

1) ‘Fears that unless on move heart will cease beating’ in which drug
(A) Cannabis
(B) Cactus
(C) Gelsemium
(D) Ars alb

2) The medicine for acute affection of prostrate after maltreated stricture is:
(A) Merc bin-iodide
(B) Merc cynide
(C) Merc proto-iodide
(D) Merc dulcis

3) In India Medical Termination of Pregnancy (MTP) Act permits abortions up to —- of gestation
(A) 8 weeks
(B) 10 weeks
(C) 12 weeks
(D) 20 weeks

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4) Haemoglobin has maximum affinity for
(A) CO
(B) CO2
(C) O2
(D) NH3

5) Cough relieved by drinking cold water is one of the symptoms of:
(A) Cuprum met
(B) Drosera
(C) Kali carb
(D) Spongia

6) The name “50 Millesimal potency” was given by:
(A) Dr. C. Hering
(B) Dr. Hahnemann
(C) Dr. W. Boericke
(D) Dr. P. Schmidt

7) “The doctrine of Analogy” concept was given by
A) Boericke
B) Boenningauessen
C) Knerr
D) Kent

8) No aggravation, with recovery of the patient means:
(A) The remedy is shallow and short acting
(B) The potency is suitable
(C) The disease is organic and incurable
(D) Slight organic change

9) Which among the following is not a National Health Programme?

10) The normal length of a human male urethra is
(A) 4 cm
(B) 10 cm
(C) 14 cm
(D) 20 cm

11) Which among the following is not a vector borne disease?
(A) Yellow fever
(B) Leishmaniasis
(D) Anthrax

12) The common name of ‘Aethusa cynapium” is:
(A) Horse chestnut
(B) Wild hop
(C) Witch hazel
(D) Fool’s Parsley

13) Which among the following is a ‘Neuroendocrine reflex’?
(A) Hering – Breuer Reflex
(B) Sino – Aortic Reflex
(C) Stretch Reflex
(D) Milk ejection Reflex

14) Carpal Tunnel syndrome is caused by compression of which nerve
(A) Ulnar
(B) Radial
(C) Median
(D) Axillary

15) Theory of Chronic disease was introduced for the first time in which edition of Organon:
(A) 2nd edition
(B) 3rd edition
(C) 4th edition
(D) 5th edition

16) Endosulfan is a —————– pesticidee
(A) Organophosphate
(B) Organochloride
(C) Carbamate
(D) Pyrethoid

17) Which species of Aloe is used in Homoeopathy?
(A) Aloe zizibar
(B) Aloe coraco
(C) Aloe socotrina
(D) Aloe vera

18) Class V of old class deals with:
(A) Mother tinctures
(B) Alcoholic solutions
(C) Aqueous solutions
(D) Mother solutions

19) Chemical formula of camphor is
A) C10H140
B) C10H16O
C) C10H10N4O
D) C3H5N3O9

20) Multiple myeloma is predominantly a malignancy of the
(A) Lung
(B) Liver
(C) Plasma cells