I need help wring the introduction of my paper

I need help wring the introduction of my paper

My topic is negative effects of health insurance

Write an introduction 400 words no plagiarism please see below abstract

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Medical health insurance is one of the most discussed topics in the media, among patients, and healthcare providers. In fact, medical health insurance coverage plays a significant role in the outcome of a patient healthcare because it determines the quality of care and the type of treatments that a patient may receive.  Although medical health insurance is essential for patients and their care, it can become very costly. But the cost of medical care can be even more devastating to a family that cannot afford coverage.  Medical bills can be a financial burden on these families. In addition, families that cannot afford to pay or have minimum coverage, there care is very different according to research.  Significant research has proven the pros and cons of patients that have enough coverage or the right type of coverage versus those that do not.  This paper will offer some insight into how the health insurance companies operates, the types of insurances that are available, and how insurance works. This paper will also discuss how patients are impacted with or without medical health insurance.