Interview a person from a different cultural background 

  • Interview a person from a different cultural background
  • Ask she/he the Social Cultural Heritage questions found on Page 2 of your textbook
  • Have them explain their cultural practices.
  • The initial post should be at least 140 words Follow APA guidelines for references.

Social Cultural Heritage Questions Page 2

1. Do you speak a language other than English?

2. What is your sociocultural heritage?

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3. What major sociocultural events have occurred in your lifetime?

4. What is the demographic profile of the community you grew up in? Has it changed; if so, how has it changed?

5. How would you acquire economic help if necessary?

6. How do you define health?

7. How do you define illness?

8. What do you do to maintain and protect your health?

9. What do you do when you experience a noticeable change in your health?

10. Do you diagnose your own health problems? If yes, how do you do so? If no, why not?

11. From whom do you seek healthcare?

12. What do you do to restore your health? Give examples.