**KIM WOODS** Ethnicity and the Police Part II: Final Deliverable


Please see attachments.  Second attachment is this week’s assignment.


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This paper is based on week 1’s assignment.  I will be attaching the paper to help with this. 


Thank you!!! 


-Professor’s Notes: Hi: Good use of statistics and/or examples to support and bolster your argument. I also liked that you used George Kelling as one of your expert sources. You did an excellent job of illustrating how the historical development of policing in the U.S. relates to the current relationship between police & different ethnic groups and social classes. I especially liked the examples you used (Racial Profiling, etc.). Naturally, the key to all this tension, strife and animosity is “education.” Historian H.G. Wells said it best: “History is a race between education and catastrophe.” Let’s hope education wins the race. Great job with your paper!