Match the definition with the terms

Match the definition with the terms.

A. A type of healthcare organization that delivers medical care and manages all aspects of the care or the payment for care by limiting providers of care, discounting payment to providers of care, or limiting access to care
B. A comprehensive term for long-term care facilities that provide nursing care and related services for residents requiring medical, nursing, or rehabilitative care
C. The direct personal contact between a patient and a physician or other person authorized by state licensure law and, if applicable, by medical staff bylaws to order or furnish healthcare services for the diagnosis or treatment of the patient D. A group of federal agencies that oversees health promotion and disease control and prevention activities in the United States
E. An interdisciplinary program of palliative care and supportive services that addresses the physical, spiritual, social, and economic needs of terminally ill patients and their families
F. Data related to births, deaths, marriages, and fetal deaths
G. An umbrella term that refers to the medical and nonmedical services provided to patients and their families in their places of residence
H. Record developed by healthcare professionals in the process of providing patient care
I. The United Nations specialized agency created to ensure the attainment by all peoples of the highest possible levels of health
J. Data derived from the primary patient record, such as an index or database

1. _____ Secondary data source
2. _____ Nursing facility
3. _____ Hospice
4. _____ Vital statistics
5. _____ Managed care organization
6. _____ Encounter
7. _____ CDC
8. _____ World Health Organization
9. _____ Home health
10. _____ Primary data source

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