Module 02 Discussion – Ethical dilemmas in medication administration


Choose a medication type from the following list, note why the medication is used, and consider adverse effects. Invent a scenario where giving this medication could result in an ethical or legally charged situation. Try not to choose a category that has been well addressed by your peers. Bethanaechol / cholinergics: Consider risks of inducing urgency or bradycardia in a clients with dementia issues Benztropine /anticholinergics: Consider harms that can occur with comorbidities like glaucoma or BPH Albuterol /adrenergics: Consider harms that can occur is asthmatic children are in charge of their own inhalers Atenolol/ beta blockers: Consider harms that could occur if heart rate was low or patient was asthmatic Lorazepam /benzodiazepines: Consider vulnerability issues related to sedation and induction of memory loss Oxycodone / opiates: Consider addiction, drug seeking and patient vulnerability in impaired nurses Amitriptylline /tricyclics: Consider vulnerability issues with risk of suicidal overdose given anticholinergic effects Phenelzine /MAOIs: Consider consequences of nonadherence to dietary restrictions on these medications Haloperidol / neuroleptics: Consider risks of chemical sedation, especially long term risks Lithium: Consider risks of mismanagement by clients whose behaviors are unpredictable Phenytoin / antiepileptics: Consider risks of Class D in young women vs risks of going without anti-epileptics Secobarbital / barbituates: Consider risks related to availability of barbituates to teens via the internet Kava or Valerian: Consider risks of availability of compounding poorly controlled over the counter sedatives Sumatriptan / triptans: Consider risks of cerebral ischemia when giving vasoconstrictors for migraine control Cyclobenzaprine for back spasms: Consider risks of impaired function when nurses take muscle relaxants Prednisone / steroids: Consider long term effects, when other immune suppressors are too expensive to access. Aspirin / NSAIDs: Consider vulnerability of elders due to over the counter, affordable nature of this analgesic

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