NR603 Week Eight Reflection

NR603 Week Eight Reflection
Dawn Fox
The last several weeks has prepared this student to meet the following outcomes; The
MSN Program outcome #4 which states Evaluate the design, implementation and outcomes of
strategies developed to meet healthcare needs (MSN Essentials). The MSN Essential IV which
states we are to “recognize that the master’s prepared nurse shall apply research outcomes within
the practice setting, resolve practice problems, work as a change agent and disseminates
results”[AMA11] and be able to effectively apply the Nurse Practitioner Core Competencies #7
which list the following competencies [NON17]
1. Applies knowledge of organizational practices and complex systems to improve health
care delivery.
2. Effects health care change using broad based skills including negotiating, consensusbuilding, and partnering.
3. Minimizes risk to patients and providers at the individual and systems level.
4. Facilitates the development of health care systems that address the needs of culturally
diverse populations, providers, and other stakeholders.
5. Evaluates the impact of health care delivery on patients, providers, other stakeholders,
and the environment.
6. Analyzes organizational structure, functions and resources to improve the delivery of
7. Collaborates in planning for transitions across the continuum of care.
Program outcome #4
Healthcare is an ever-changing practice and it is essential that nurse practitioners provide
the highest level of care. The last seven weeks have provided me the opportunity to improve and
build knowledge and understanding in the importance of designing a treatment plan,
implementing the treatment and measuring the outcome of future patients. The SOAP note

provides a consistent format in which delivers a clear and concise documentation of the visit.
During the case studies Dr. Samuels provided a great deal of helpful feedback and made sure our
documentation was supported by evidenced based practice and that we addressed not just the
patient but the protected the practice by utilizing national guidelines.
MSN Essential IV
The MSN Essential IV defines the expectations of a Master level nurse practitioner. Over
the last several weeks and throughout the course of this program I have been in preparation of
developing a scholarly knowledge of nursing. Research is an essential part of the healthcare
system and as a master’s prepared nurse it is my duty and responsibility to strive for
improvement in healthcare cost, deliverance and outcomes. Change is often difficult and will
meet resistance of those who have become idle, thereby making it more challenging to educate,
and implement research. The case studies and clinical settings created a learning environment
that demonstrates the value of research, implementing research and learning to work out
challenges in the work place. During clinical hours, I have observed clinicians who have worked
in harmony and clinicians who seldom converse with one another. By far, the clinicians who
worked in harmony, built a strong work ethic and learned how to resolve difficult and sometimes
illegal behaviors are far better than the non-collaborating clinicians.
Nurse Practitioner Core Competencies #7
The NP core competency #7 requires that one must have organizational practice, be able
to have inter-professional collaboration, implement knowledge in informatics/information
systems and needs the assessment of populations served [NON17]. Currently and in the coming
months my knowledge will continue to grow as I begin to practice as a nurse practitioner. These

last few weeks, I have used my clinical hours to build relationships with knowledgeable and
professional colleagues. I have observed well organized health care services verses poorly
organized health care services. I have also learned how organizational structure, theory, and
principles of management including outcomes affect the way an organization views their
practice. The curriculum over the last seven weeks created a learning process of patient care and
the challenges practitioners will face from time to time. However, it also provided a strong
knowledge in research, application of research, facilitating change, and consistently working to
improve the delivery of care by collaborating in the planning and implementing of care. During
clinical hours, my preceptor and myself had the privilege of working at mobile unit that went to
the local school to vaccinate children and do well check exams before the start of the new school
year. Afterwards, I requested information on how they started this program so that it could be
introduced to the local schools in other counties, who currently do not have this program.
According to the Office of Disease and Prevention and Health Promotion (ODPHP) when
healthcare and school programs work together the community is stronger and children are
healthier [ODP16].

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