Nursing research is done through a four-phase process

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Nursing research is done through a four-phase process beginning with assessment, planning, intervention and finally evaluation. The assessment phase entails identifying the topic that needs to be researched and looking to see if there is any current literature regarding the topic of interest. Then in the planning phase the researcher formulates his/her hypothesis and begins to gather all the needed variables that will be included in the study as well as the control groups depending on the topic. In the intervention phase the variables are being tested and the study is being conducted and data is collected. Finally, the data is evaluated, and the conclusion is reached based on the hypothesis (Arslanian, 2000).

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This process related to evidence-based practice and patient care is very similar in the sense that is uses some of the steps. The nursing process is assessment, diagnosis, planning, implementation and evaluation (Toney-Butler & Thayer, 2021). A nurse goes through the assessment phase upon entering the room and assessing the patient sometimes using a focused approach or does a full head to toe assessment depending on the patient need. The nurse then creates priority nursing diagnosis for the patient and things that the nurse needs to focus on based on patient need. The planning phase is creating a care plan for the patient that are specific, measurable, attainable, realistic and timely. The nurse then implements these plans that were made in the care plan and then finally evaluates if goals were met or not met (Toney-Butler & Thayer, 2021).

Healthcare associated infections also known, and HAI’s are a common clinical problem that occurs, and I researched more specifically ventilator associated pneumonia. Using the four-phase approach I read existing literature and concluded that this can be reduced by practicing good hand hygiene when handling a patient on a ventilator and telling visitors to do the same, raising the head of the bed and performing oral care on the patient (Frequently Asked Questions about Ventilator-Associated Pneumonia | HAI | CDC, 2019).