One of the issues that is an old one in addiction treatment

1,One of the issues that is an old one in addiction treatment but still very lively today has to do with the question of what is necessary to recover from an addiction problem: must a person be abstinent, or can a person learn to engage in the behaviour in low risk ways? What is your view on this question?


2,Comment on the evidence that 70 per cent or more people who are abstinent at the end of a treatment program will relapse to alcohol or drug use at some time within the next year, and half of these will have their first relapse within the first three months after completing treatment.

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There are many – too many – interesting websites on recovery and on addiction treatment. Go to the Canadian ‘get help’ website: Find out what this site is all about.


In the US, SAMHSA (Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration) provides information about evidence-based treatments.  A list of their materials related to addiction and mental health can be found at this link: .


3,What differences do you notice in the ways that addiction problems are depicted in the mutual aid materials and the professional materials?