Question and Answer for Staff Nurse Exam

Question and Answer for Staff Nurse Exam

1. Both sperm and unfertilized oocytes are transferred into the fallopian tube in the following procedure for correction of infertility.

2. The following is not a symptom of hypocalcemia:
(A) Constipation
(B) Tetany
(C) Tingling sensation
(D) Musclespasm

3. lntrovcrt and Extrovert are personality types described by which of the following psychologists?
(A) Freud
(B) Scheldon
(C) Kretschmer
(D) Jung

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4. The following is a disorder of perception:
(A) Delusion
(B) Hallucination
(C) Amnesia
(D) Obscession

5. Absenre of affect is:
(A) Depression
(B) Euphoria
(C) Apathy
(D) Grief

6. Shick’s test diagnose which disease?
(A) Weil’s disease
(B) Diphtheria
(C) Pertussis
(D) Tuberculosis

7. Psycho social factors as a cause of mental illness includes which of the following?
(A) Decmase in serotonin
(B) Genetic defects
(C) War and violence
(D) Maternal deprivation

8. Kerning’s sign is a diagnostic finding :
(A) Gastritis
(B) Appendicitis
(C) Endocarditis
(D) Meningitis

9. Enema should not be given before:
(A) Cholecystectomy
(B) Myomoctomy
(C) Appendicectomy
(D) Mastectomy

10. Study of tissues is?
(A) Histology
(B) Cytology
(C) Osteology
(D) Oncology