Questions Related To Staff Nurse

Questions Related To Staff Nurse

1. An epidemic outbreak of disease in bird population:
(A) Enzootic
(B) Epornithic
(C) Pandemic
(D) Epizootic

2. The concept public health was born in:
(A) Greek
(B) China
(C) Rome
(D) Egypt

3. Father of Indian surgery:
(A) Charaka
(B) Suerutha
(C) Atraya
(D) Vaghbata

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4. First antipsychotic drug used in schizophrenia:
(A) Lithium
(B) Amitriptylline
(C) Chlorpromazine
(D) Imipramine

5. Dread of high places is called:
(A) Agoraphobia
(B) Zoophobia
(C) Clauatrophobia
(D) Acrophobia

6. The hyper pigmented patch on the cheeks and face of the pregnant woman is known as
(A) Chloaema
(B) Palmer’s sign
(C) Snow
(D) Hegar’s Sign

7. The HCG level in normal pregnancy reach a peak in:
(A) 60 to 70 days
(B) 20 to 30 days
(C) 40 to 50 days
(D) 0 to 10 days

8. A specific type of imaging that uses low dose X-ray system to examine breast:
(A) Angiography
(B) Cholonography
(C) Mammography
(D) Bronchography

9. Inflammation of the cornea is called:
(A) Corneal ulcers
(B) Keratitis
(C) Uveitie
(D) Blepheritis

10. Hearing loss associated with aging is known as:
(A) Meniers disease
(B) Otosclerosis
(C) Labrinthitis
(D) Presbycosis