Research a recent legal and ethical issue in any area of nursing practice

Final Project

Research a recent legal and ethical issue in any area of nursing practice. Validate the issue by providing a brief introduction, then answer the following questions:

1.  How does the issue impact the ethical and legal parameters of advanced practice nursing?

2.  How does the nurse uphold the Code of Ethics in dealing with the issue?

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3.  Does the issue impact on health care law, legislation and ethical decision-making? Explain your answer in detail.

4.  Does the issue impact the quality and cost of patient care? Explain your answer in detail

5.  What are the APNs professional responsibilities related to social justice and human rights? Provide a detailed discussion.

For the Final Project, you will develop a Narrated PowerPoint (click here for instructions on How to Narrate a Powerpoint) presentation with approximately 15 slides. Remember to format the references using APA and these must be cited on your slides.

PowerPoint presentations should have a title on each slide and 3-5 lines with no more than 6 words on each line. You will be telling a story and the audience will use the points to follow along. Never place all of your “story” on the slide.

You should have a minimum of 6 peer-reviewed references; analyze the legal/ethical issue using all areas (morals, ethics, quality and cost of patient care, and law) using proper terminology gleaned from this course and other sources.