Respiratory Medicine

Respiratory Medicine



The assessment is to be submitted as an evidence based case report. You will be expected to read around and build on information gained from the module sessions with self-directed study

Choose any illness/disorder or an intervention related to Respiratory disease or Respiratory associated complications and write up an evidence based case report using primary literature as your evidence base to support your diagnosis, treatment and prognosis of the case.

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A Case Report On Broncho Alveolar Carcinoma

You should follow Case Report Writing Template for authors (2013) to write your case report. Case Report Writing Template for authors (2013)

The Structure Of The Case Report

Introduction: the background should be brief, and it should have a rational and aim/s, for selecting this specific patient case. The majority of assignments last year have very long descriptive introduction without clear rationale or aim of the presented case report.

Case presentation, and history: need to include relevant details avoid having un-necessary comorbidities, start with the chief complain.  Consider clinical reasoning in presenting each stage that your patients passing by, for example, you can’t send patients to do ECG, because he come to the clinic complaining from headache.

Diagnostic procedure: should have logic behind doing them. Please considered presenting laboratory analysis in tables (with an appropriate title above the table), Additionally, ECGs, CT, x-ray etc. consider showing them in figures with arrows towards the abnormalities. Also, again consider what is the recommended by guidelines.

Treatment and follow up need to write full doses and strength of the prescribed medication and what was the main outcomes.

The discussion:  a common problem in the drafts I saw, was that the discussion was descriptive and did not demonstrate analysis of the literature, also some of them were writing in blocks, or lists

I recommended to write the discussion in form of paragraphs and each paragraph should evaluate and analyse an idea using relevant literature, then by the end of this paragraph you need to discuss how this idea is applied or not applied on the presented patient case.

You may consider starting the discussion with what is the main message behind presenting this case report.  I have noticed that some drafts starting with the limitation, which is not ideal to start with, you need to address the limitation by the end of your case report.

You may consider looking at if there is a similar case report or other primary research was done about similar cases.

Consider the limitation of your case report and avoid generalise the outcome/s, in the end, it’s a single patient case.

Conclusion: should not have a new reference or a new information that was not discussed in the actual case report.  It is recommended to have suggested hypotheses based on your case report if possible.