Semi-recumbent position is used for

Nursing Officer Sample Papers

1. Admission of patient with a case of chronic appendicitis, this is an example of
(a) Routine admission
(b) Emergency admission
(c) Direct admission
(d) Observation admission

2. To maintain optimum environment for a client, the room temperature should range from
(a) 18 – 20 °C
(b) 20- 22 °C
(c) 22 – 24 °C
(d) 24 – 26 °C

3. To maintain optimum environment for a client, the humidity should range from
(a) 0 – 20 %
(b) 20 – 40 %
(c) 40 – 60 %
(d) 60 – 80 %

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4. Upon discharge, if the room was occupied for a client suffering from communicable disease, it should be
(a) Sterilized
(b) Disinfected
(c) Isolated
(d) Fumigated

5. The purpose of giving warm water bath is to
(a) Relieve muscle spasm and muscle tension
(b) Relax and soothe
(c) Soothe skin irritation
(d) Decrease fever and to reduce muscle tension

6. Ways of losing heat from the body are all except
(a) Oxidation of food
(b) Lungs
(c) Kidneys
(d) Skin

7. Abbreviated progress notes, a one type of record which gives a quick and clear picture of the client’s condition is called
(a) Progress notes
(b) Kardexes
(c) Flowsheets
(d) Nurses’ recording

8. The best method of sterilizing gloves is by
(a) Sunlight
(b) Soap and warm water
(c) Hot air sterilization
(d) Steam under pressure

9. Ground glass should be sterilized with
(a) Dry heat
(b) Moist heat
(c) Gas sterilization
(d) Boiling

10. If colour of urine is smoky brown, it indicates presence of
(a) Blood pigments
(b) Urobilinogen
(c) Bile salts and bile pigments
(d) Chyluria due to filariasis

11. Rigor mortis first involves the muscles of the
(a) Neck
(b) Jaw
(c) Arms
(d) Trunk

12. What should be avoided when a nurse is with a dying client?
(a) Presence of family
(b) Frequent oral hygiene.
(c) Whispering anything in the client’s room
(d) Thorough skin and perineal care

13. Sim’s lateral position is used for
(a) Treating shock
(b) Sigmoidoscopy
(c) Postural drainage
(d) Vaginal and rectal examination

14. Semi-recumbent position is used for
(a) Clients in convalescence period
(b) After surgeries involving the anterior portions of the body
(c) To relieve pressure of bony prominences of the back and sacral region
(d) To take rectal temperature

15. An example of passive exercise is
(a) Ankle rotation
(b) Deep breathing and coughing exercises
(c) Moving in bed to change the position
(d) Abdominal and gluteal contraction exercises

16. Nutritional needs usually stabilize during
(a) Infancy
(b) Adolescent
(c) Lactation
(d) Adulthood

17. Method of inducing natural urination are all except
(a) Provide privacy
(b) Taking analgesics
(c) Local application of heat to perineum
(d) Providing fluids

18. Application of the drug to the skin usually by a friction is
(a) Insufflation
(b) Implantation
(c) Inunction
(d) Insertion

19. p.r.n or pro re nata means
(a) When required
(b) Alternate days
(c) Each morning
(d) Each night

20. Human crutch method is used to transport a patient who is
(a) Slightly injured and able to walk
(b) Having chest injury
(c) Having limb injury
(d) Semi-consious