Sorting Imposters from Real Nutrition Experts

Sorting Imposters from Real Nutrition Experts

Like most subjects, there are many opinions about the topic of nutrition. However not everyone sharing their opinion are experts in the field. In fact, most of what is promoted on television and the internet is not evidence-based and is often nothing more than quackery. For this discussion board, please read Controversy 1: Sorting Imposters from Real Nutrition Experts at the end of Chapter 1 in our textbook Nutrition Concepts and Controversies, 15th ed. After reading that section, discuss what you have learned regarding who the real nutrition experts are and who are the imposters. Also, discuss how you can spot quackery and where you can get reliable information. Use only the textbook to support your statements and be sure to cite the source properly using APA formatting.

Your initial post should be at least 250 words.
Back up your answers with textbook references, and cite your sources!

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