The duration of a cardiac cycle is

Question Papers For Staff Nurse Recruitment

1. The duration of a cardiac cycle is:
(A) 0.2 seconds
(B) 0.4 seconds
(C) 0.6 seconds
(D) 0.8 seconds

2. Anti Diuretic hormone is secreted by:
(A) Thyroid
(B) Hypothalamus
(C) Adrenal
(D) Thymus

3. Name the given symptom in a psychiatric patient. “Patient has two contradictory ideas at the same time for the same person or object”.
(A) Elation
(B) Ambivalence
(C) Confabulation
(D) Negativism

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4. Into the spinal cavity is:
(A) Intravenous
(B) Intrathecal
(C) lntra osseous
(D) lntracardiac

5. Drug of choice in treating pre-eclampsia is:
(A) Magnesium sulphate
(B) Diazepam
(C) Phenytoin
(D) Clonazepam

6. Show is best defined as a:
(A) Saosanguinous discharge from vagina 2 weeks after delivery
(B) Frank fresh bleeding immediately after delivery of baby
(C) Gush of fluid from vagina after rupture of waters
(D) Blood stained mucoid discharge from vagina few hours of starting labour

7. Dumping syndrome is common after:
(A) Mastectomy
(B) Craniotomy
(C) Nephrectomy
(D) Gastrectomy

8. The virus which causes chickenpox is:
(A) Variola major
(B) Rota virus
(C) Varicella zoster
(D) Coxsackie

9. Washing out of stomach is:
(A) Gastric lavage
(B) Enema
(C) Gastric gavage
(D) Gastrostomy

10. Which of the following ECG finding indicates heart block?
(A) Elevated ST segment
(B) Presence of Q wave
(C) Abnomial QRS comlex
(D) Prolonged PR interval