The founder of modern nursing

1. The World Health Day is celebrated on:
(A) April 1st
(B) April 7th
(C) April 17th
(D) April 30th

2. The founder of modern nursing:
(A) Florence Nightingale
(B) Faye G. Abdellah
(C) Imogene King
(D) Betty Newman

3. Night blindness is caused by the deficiency of:
(A) Vitamin D
(B) Vitamin C
(C) Vitamin B
(D) Vitamin A

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4. Tuberculosis is caused by:
(A) Corynebacterium
(B) Streptococci
(C) Mycobacterium tuberculosis
(D) Pneumococci

5. Infection transmitted between individuals infected with different pathogenic organisms is
(A) Contamination
(B) Colonization
(C) Cross infection
(D) Concurrent infection

6. The urine specific gravity is:
(A) 1.016 to 1.025
(B) 1.027 to 1.032
(C) 1.037 to 1.039
(D) 1.041 to 1.049

7. Abnormal increase in the volume of urine is termed as:
(A) Dysuria
(B) Anuria
(C) Oliguria
(D) Polyuria

8. The inflammation of middle car is termed as:
(A) Otitis exterma
(B) Otitis media
(C) Adenitis
(D) Sinusitis

9. The term used to denote loss of appetite is:
(A) Alopecia
(B) Anuria
(C) Anoxia
(D) Anorexia

10. The concentration of dettol used to disinfect thermometer is:
(A) 1 : 20
(B) 1 :40
(C) 1 : 80
(D) 1: 100