The Social Ecological Model

  1. The Social Ecological Model is a highly used model in public health and health promotion to explain the relationship between numerous factors (personal, social, cultural, and economic factors that influence health behavior (see the logic model of the Social Ecological Model in Blackboard). COVID-19 is a pandemic that is affecting many people, of different social, cultural, and economic backgrounds. Using the Social Ecological Model, discuss how the five levels (i.e., intrapersonal, interpersonal, community, organizational, and public policy) may be influencing how people are responding in either a healthy or unhealthy way to the pandemic. How do the five different levels of the model influence things like COVID prevention, COVID treatment, government involvement, testing…etc. You should be able to find and read about COVID research and the number of different factors that are influencing people’s choices about how they are responding to the virus. In 3-5 pages, discuss the relationship between the Social Ecological Model and COVID-19. Make sure that you follow APA guidelines for your short 3-page review. This means including a title page, using proper citations throughout your paper, and including a reference page. If you are not familiar with APA guidelines, I would recommend reviewing the APA guideline manual, reading about them online and/or visiting the Purdue OWL (Online Writing Lab) website. The following will be used to grade you on this assignment (rubric available for review in Bb):
    • Issue Recognition: Recognition of various issues that affect well-being and their interconnections in complex contexts. The interconnections of issues in complex contexts refers to the obvious and subtle connections between/among the sub-parts or situational conditions of a scenario that bring two or more dilemmas/issues into the problem (e.g., relationship of health screenings to increased health care costs).
    • Analysis of Knowledge: the ability to extend discipline-based knowledge to decision making and/or develop a recommended course of action based on discipline specific knowledge.
    • Impact of Decisions: The consequences—positive or negative—of decisions on the well-being of self, others, society and/or environment(s).

    For more information about the Social Ecological Model, check out this website. assignment will be graded using the RLA rubric which is attached. It is highly recommended that you use the rubric while crafting your paper.