The weight of placenta at term

1. The weight of placenta at term:
(A) 200 gm
(B) 500 gm
(C) 900 gm
(D) 1000 gm

2. The blood group termed as universal donor is:
(A) A group
(B) B group
(C) O group
(D) AB group

3. The normal random blood sugar level is:
(A) 160 – 180 mg%
(B) 140 – 160 mg%
(C) 120 -140 mg%
(D) 80-120 mg%

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4. Who discovered the bacillus of tuberculosis?
(A) Louis Pasteur
(B) Neisser
(C) Robert Koch
(D) Hansen

5. Bacteria that are spherical or oval in shape:
(A) Cocci
(B) Bacilli
(C) Vibrio
(D) Spirialla

6. Cross infections occuring in hospitals are called:
(A) Focal infection
(B) Nosocomial infection
(C) Endogenous infection
(D) Exogenous infection

7. A person who harbours the pathogen but has never suffered from the disease Caused by the pathogen:
(A) Healthy carrier
(B) Convalescent carrier
(C) Chronic carrier
(D) Contact carrier

8. Pathogens cross the placental barrier and infect the fetus in uterus:
(A) Ingestion
(B) Vertical transmission
(C) Iatrogenic infection
(D) Inoculation

9. The resistance to infections which an individual possesses by virtue of his genetic and constitutional make up :
(A) Acquired immunity
(B) Active immunity
(C) Innate immunity
(D) Passive immunity

10. Which among the following is a permanent method of family planning?
(A) Condom
(B) Copper T
(C) Lippes Loop
(D) Tubectomy