The World AIDS day is celebrated on

1. The World AIDS day is celebrated on:
(A) December 1st
(B) December 10th
(C) December 14th
(D) December 31st

2. A sudden severe attack of shivering in which the body temperature rises rapidly in n stage of hyper pyrexia :
(A) Pyrexia
(B) Rigor
(C) Swinging fever
(D) Inverse fever

3. The number of pulse beats in a minute:
(A) Rhythm
(B) Volume
(C) Tension
(D) Rate

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4. Increased respiratory rate over 24 breaths per minute:
(A) Apnoea
(B) Bradypnoca
(C) Tachypnoea
(D) Orthopnoea

5. The lack of oxygen in the tissues:
(A) Dyspnoea
(B) Asphyxia
(C) Anoxaemia
(D) Anoxia

6. The instrument used to measure blood pressure is:
(A) Barometer
(B) Sphygmomanometer
(C) Tonometer
(D) Audiometer

7. Total cessation of breathing is termed as:
(A) Apnoea
(B) Hyperapnea
(C) Eupnea
(D) Bradypnea

8. The largest gland in the body:
(A) Thyroid
(B) Liver
(C) Pancreas
(D) Parotid gland

9. Infancy is a period from:
(A) 0 – 1 year
(B) 1 – 3 years
(C) 3 – 6 years
(D) 6-12 years

10. Cessation of menstruation is termed as:
(A) Menarche
(B) Telarche
(C) Menopause
(D) Puberty