Western Herbal Medicine Nutritional Medicine


This assessment is aimed at consolidating and developing the students understanding of the philosophy and practice of complementary and alternative medicine (CAM) and linking this information to contemporary CAM practice. .

By completing this assessment, students develop academic writing skills as well as the ability to effectively summarise information. This assessment allows students to advance their skills in sourcing and identifying reliable and credible references. In their written work students will cite references using the APA 6th edition referencing system.

Essay Topic:

Choose a CAM modality and identify the main philosophical differences between CAM and biomedicine.

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Please choose to write about one of the following CAM modalities:


.Western Herbal Medicine Nutritional Medicine

In your essay:

Introduce the subject and what you will be discussing in your essay Describe the philosophy of your chosen CAM modality

Describe the philosophy of biomedicine

Describe what is similar and what is different between your chosen CAM modality and biomedicine

Conclusion – Provide a concise summary of your key points with a concluding statement.