When is fertilized ovum known as embryo

1. Ortolanis test is diagnostic in:
(A) Respiratory distress
(B) Congential anomalies
(C) Congential hip dislocation
(D) Induction of labour

2. Attitude of fetal head in occipito posterior position is:
(A) Flexion
(B) Deflexion
(C) Extension
(D) Adduction

3. Morbidly adherent placenta is Called as:
(A) Placenta succemuriata
(B) Placenta circumvallata
(C) Placenta circumvallata
(D) Placenta accreta

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4. The following factor is most; important in Preventing fatalopen neural tube defects:
(A) Vitamin-A
(B) Zinc
(C) Folic Acid
(D) Vitamin — D

5. Which out of the following is not a feature of pre eclampaia?
(A) Oedema
(B) Hypertension
(C) Fits
(D) Proteinuria

6. Normal weight of placenta at term is:
(A) 500 gms
(B) 900 gms
(C) 1/4th of baby weight
(D) 1/6th of baby weight

7. Hormone responsible for hyperemesis gravidarum is:
(A) progesterone
(B) Relaxin
(C) Human Chorionic Gonadotropin
(D) Human Placental Lactogen
8. Specific manifestation in menopause is:
(A) Hypotension
(B) Hypothermia
(C) Hot flashes
(D) Anorexia

9. When is fertilized ovum known as embryo?
(A) 0-8 wks
(B) 0-12 wks
(C) 12-24 wks
(D) 8-32 wks

10. Normal weight gain in pregnancy:
(A) 10-12 kg
(B) 7-9 kg
(C) 3-5 kg
(D) 14-18 kg