Urea breath test is done to diagnose

1) Devil’s dung is the common name of
A) Baptisia tinctoria
B) Asafoetida
C) Melilotus
D) Helleborus niger

2) Which of the following is NOT true?
A) Sp Gr of olive oil is 0.813-0.890
B) Sp Gr of glycerine is 1.255-1.266
C) Sp Gr of dilute alcohol is 0.913-0.916
D) Sp Gr of absolute alcohol is 0.7935

3) The most common mosquito vector for ZIKA virus transmission is
A) Anopheles
B) Culex
C) Aedes
D) Mansonia

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4) Normal range of serum creatinine level in the human body is
A) 0.4 to 0.7 mg/dl
B) 0.8-1.2 mg/dl
C) 1-1.8 mg/dl
D) 1.8 -2.2 mg/dl

5) Hammering headache when exposed to sun, better by perspiration. Great debility and emaciation, constipation. Remedy is
A) Bell
B) Bry
C) Natm
D) Pulsatilla

6) Palliations is done by Homoeopathic medicines following
A) Law of contrary
B) Law of similia
C) Law of simplex
D) All the above

7) Natures law of cure is explained by Hahnemann in:
A) Aphorism 9
B) Aphorism 26
C) Aphorism 29
D) Aphorism 63

8) Gelsemium sempervirens belong to natural order of
A) Loganiaceae
B) Scrophulariaceae
C) Zygophylleae
D) Hamemelaxeae

9) The total number of cards in Kishore’s card repertory is
A) 9099
B) 9980
C) 8899
D) 7980

10) Thin, irritable, careful jealous, person of bilious or sanguine temperament is
A) Borax
B) Nux vomica
C) Phosphorus
D) Lachesis

11) Lectures and essay on Homoeopathic Philosophy is the book of
A) Dr J.T. Kent
B) Dr Stuart Close
C) Dr Dunhum
D) Dr H. Robert

12) Grey Turners sign is seen in
A) Acute Cholecystitis
B) Acute Pancreatitis
C) Acute Gastritis
D) Acute Appendicitis

13) Tetralogy of Fallot includes all EXCEPT
A) Pulmonary stenosis
C) Overriding aorta
D) Left Ventricular hypertrophy

14) A Homoeopathic Physician prescribes placebo first time and sulphur 200 C second time , then sulphur is called
A) First prescription
B) Second prescription
C) Third prescription
D) Fourth prescription

15) First volume of Materia medica Pura was published in the year of
A) 1811
B) 1819
C) 1820
D) 1822

16) Which of the following does not contribute to the formation of posterior wall of inguinal canal?
A) Fascia transversalis
B) Conjoint tendon
C) Reflected part of inguinal ligament
D) Lacunar ligament

17) The hormone Calcitonin has how many amino acids in a single polypeptide chain?
A) 11
B) 22
C) 32
D) 64

18) Which miasm is found in “rubric dropsy of the eye‟?
A) Psora
B) Syphilis
C) Sycosis
D) Tuberculosis

19) In Wilson’s disease which biochemical abnormality may be present
A) Decreased hepatic copper
B) Decreased serum ceruloplasmin
C) Decreased urinary excretion of copper
D) Decreased serum copper level

20) Urea breath test is done to diagnose
A) Asthma
B) Renal failure
C) H. Pylori infection
D) Nephrotic syndrome