Which of the following reflects the idea that health is embedded in shared values

  1. If you visit a medical center in which the walls are painted soothing colors, large windows provide views of soothing gardens, and patients are able to control the temperature and lighting in their rooms, the staff has probably been directly or indirectly influenced by this model:
    practical structuration

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  1. The text suggests that people of color may receive different medical care than other patients and respond differently to it for all of the following reasons EXCEPT:
    People of color are more likely to distrust the medical establishment
    People of color are genetically predisposed to be less healthy
    The stress of being discriminated against contributes to ill health
    People of color are less likely to be admitted to or transferred to high-tech medical centers

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  1. When a patient introduces a medical concern in the last few moments of a medical encounter, we call it:
    A doorknob disclosure
    A transgression

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  1. Pablo is inspired more by a video game that features people and scenarios that are familiar to him than by a televised PSA featuring “rich kids” that don’t know what his life is like. Which of the following reflects the idea that health is embedded in shared values, traditions, and rituals?
    mechano model
    sociocultural perspective
    biomedical model
    social relevance axiom